Thursday, 13 August 2009


I have found it to be a verified fact that the bulk of us are all wrapped up in what we go through in life and hence can't fully visualize our exact potentials and the ultimate purpose of our existence. Life is more or less a transitory phase of our total existence and hence should be held with utmost tenacity of value.

It becomes necessary at a point in our lives that we stop and ask what we are about, the purpose of our existence and where we are presently headed to decipher if it is in congruence with the path we intend to trod. Can't say its an easy reflection to exercise, yet it seems to be the single most important mental exercise we may ever take in our lifetime. This is because by analyzing the results of our reflections, we may well come to terms with a vivid description of our present conditions and figure the next steps to take either forward, backwards or sideways.

Making the most of our lives is simply a paradigm of fulfilling the basic task of our existence; which I believe begins with an attitude of self development, not just for personal aggrandizement but more importantly for the benefits of those whom the ills of our world have given limited potentials. The wonderful thing about this philosophy is the fact that one need not go far to reach, touch, teach and remake lives...Just right before us, usually an arms-length away is someone hoping for a sign, a miracle, a warm touch, soothing words, etc as the case may be.

The main limitation we face today is our myopic interpretation of the term 'resource'. We tend to assume a resource to be something tangible, monetary or physical. In the actual sense, a resource is anything that could give respite from a predicament, anything that has the potential to give life, give hope, enlighten, uplift or engender change in a positive direction either to you or to someone in need. It could be financial help, it could be words of advice, a soothing word of encouragement, a sincere smile, a helping hand, just anything that has the potential to lift up the spirit of the broken. By tapping into our resources, we are simply sucking in on the words of encouragement and advice, acceptance buried in a smile, etc to inspire us to the level of achievement we desire.

So what are you waiting for?! Tap into your resources and utilize it to uplift your life and the lives of those who need it. Set a standard for yourself today and strive to live with those standards. It's not an easy road but remember, 'you must squeeze to get juice' start squeezing today and I assure you there'll be juice to spill in no long time!

I hope that by this short note I have been able to inspire you to action. Its just me using my resource here, trying to help you make the most of your life and inspire myself even more profoundly to do likewise. Take the lead today.

I am inspired by your success.
Yours truly,
Arinze Steve Ifi